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Bret Talley is the founder of the digital marketing and SEO  firm Talley Digital Media.  He specializes in working with business owners and high-profile individuals to provide digital services and increase web presence.

Here you will find information regarding technology and articles about upcoming industry trends.  Technology changes rapidly and it is important to keep up to date with the changing landscape.  Read our Blog archive for up to date info on the tech space.



New ideas that make our lives easier


Leaders in the tech space that change how we live our lives

Technology To Shape Our Futures

Bret Talley has worked in the tech space for many years, seeing many changes happen throughout that time.  It is important to keep up your skills and continue to grow your knowledge in the fast paced environment.

Through this site, Bret will provide articles and industry information written and curated from tech experts and entrepreneurs from across the world.  We hope that you enjoy the content, and if you would like to submit an article for consideration, you can use the contact form to submit your request.

The code that runs our life

Pretty much everything we use today runs on technology based on development

Changing our tomorrow

The ideas being implemented today will ru our lives tomorrow

Development Life

Tech developers and innovators transform society

turn ideas into applications

Using the tech we have to build our ideas into reality

Technology is Powering the Future

the ideas of today that affect tomorrow

Technology changes the way we live our lives, and from the beginning of the information age with the rise of computer use, the internet adoption of the 90’s, to the emerging technologies like blockchains that are currently growing rapidly, things have been improving at an accelerated rate.  A lot of today’s technology will be obsolete in a year from now. 

For this reason, its important to stay up to date and keep learning so you don’t fall behind.  For this reason, Talley created this blog, for tech professionals and those interested in the field to current with everything new going on, and to act as a hub for information about technology.  Feel free to check out our blog page for all of our industry articles.

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Welcome to the Bret Talley Tech Blog Archives. Here you will find information regarding technology to keep you up to date and increase your knowledge.

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